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02 September 2010

The Fourth Turning?

The Fourth Turning
This is the first I've heard of this book written by William Strauss and Neil Howe. I've yet to read it but here is an interesting quote from the book that was recently featured in an article by Jim Quinn at

"What will America be like as it exits the Fourth Turning?
History offers no guarantees. Obviously, things could go horribly wrong – the possibilities ranging from a nuclear exchange to uncurable plagues, from terrorist anarchy to high tech dictatorship. We should not assume that Providence will always exempt our nation from the irreversible tragedies that have overtaken so many others: not just temporary hardship, but debasement and total ruin. Since Vietnam, many Americans suppose they know what it means to lose a war. Losing in the next Fourth Turning, however, could mean something incomparably worse. It could mean a lasting defeat from which our national innocence – and perhaps even our nation – might never recover.

The article by Jim Quinn has intrigued me. This book looks like something that can be scheduled into my busy agenda of doing nothing

24 August 2010

Unusually Uncertain

Essays on the Great Depression
Yes, Ben Bernanke is an "expert" on the great depression.

Fed chairman Bernanke said the words "unusually uncertain" when talking about the state of the economy. He said this about a month ago today. Today a slue of headlines and bad economic news hit the fan (see: Again, this is nothing new these days. Things are just unusually uncertain as Mr. Bernanke put it. There is a difference however, in the meaning of those words. When we the people say it, the meaning is this: things could go either way, it's just uncertain. But when Mr. Bernanke says those words, the meaning is this: We're totally screwed. We have no idea what is going on and can do nothing to stop it. That's what Mr. Bernanke really means.

The Sky Is Falling: Leaders Lost in TransitionNow what does that mean for us? This train is the closest its been to derailing since we got on board (meaning of this metaphor is to be interpreted). The sky isn't falling but the bad news sure keeps coming. What I am saying is obvious. Most of you already know this. I'm just letting you know that I know we're screwed.

We have got to keep on top of this or a horde of zombies will overtake us and we will have missed the chance to put up a fight. Now, when you are out of bullets and that horde is coming down on you with no where to go, there's really no use in putting up a fight. So while you have the time, take advantage of it and do something. Even if that is nothing like I'm going to do. Stock up on some guns and ammo, find a nice remote location, settle in and hope for the best (not guaranteed to increase your chances of survival...might actually have the opposite effect in some cases).

17 August 2010

Video: Meltup

This video is quite interesting. After watching it, I kind of want to spend all of my money on tangible investments (beans, bullets and bandaids). Then again I've felt that way since I came across survivalblog in 2007. Well since I can't do that right now, business as usual, for better or for worse. For in the end, our survival rate reaches zero. The only difference between all of us, is how we get there and when.

11 August 2010

This is Becoming Normal

I.O.U.S.A.: One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt.

There are incidents and reports that would, not long ago, be regarded as isolated or unheard of. In Atlanta, tens of thousands of people lined up (or gathered) to receive government housing vouchers (story). The feds decided to cut food stamps in exchange for teacher jobs (story). The U.S. is either being deemed bankrupt or the question is being asked by economists and business people (Story and another and another). Stories like these are coming out daily and we hardly flinch. They are becoming normal occurrences in our daily lives. Before the crash in '08-'09, there appeared to be growing tension. This looks awfully familiar. It's not time to raid your neighbors pantry yet but you might want to think twice before inviting over any prospective cannibals. Get your guns and ammunition now and be sure your gun is bigger than all of your neighbors.
Self Reliance During Natural Disasters And Civil Unrest: How to Handle Fires, Search and Rescue, and Other Emergency-Response Situations on Your Own (Photos, Illust.)

08 August 2010

Castro Prophecy: Nukes

Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Special Edition) 
The following paragraph is a simple historical lesson of "the bomb."
In the beginning there was a nuke. The United States of America marveled at the achievement. The government was so proud they immediately put it to use. Once America used the nuke, they decided to go all the way. Producing all the nukes they could and as fast as they could, the U.S.A became a ginormous nuclear power.  Nuclear proliferation commenced world wide amongst all nations with nuke tech. Before you knew it, the U.S. was the nucliest (pronounced: nook-lee-est) country in the world. Russia was in a fierce competition with 'merica to become the nucliest  nation in the world. The Russians worked hard and they were "successful." As of 2010, the estimated Russian nuke arsenal is around 12,000 warheads compared to 'merica's 9,400 (

Fidel Castro: My Life: A Spoken AutobiographyNow, Castro thinks the nuclear candle is going to be lit soon. A war triggered by Iranians, in response to renewed sanctions, seems quite plausible. But I don't see that war going nuclear though but Castro thinks otherwise (read: FT article). However, if the Israelis get involved then we may have a different story. A nuclear attack against Iran may set this doomsday in motion. Or would the Iranians attack with a nuke? Do they even have one? What of the Russians in all of this? The variables seem endless.

If Iran has a completed nuke then they may attack (probably Israel, maybe the U.S. fleet). I mean really, why run when you have nuclear arms? If they do not have a nuke, there may be a preemptive strike by Israel. I do not think anyone would set themselves up for failure. So, Iran will not attack anyone in response to the sanctions. They will wait to complete what they set out to do. Israel will attack to keep Iran from going nuclear and remain the nucliest nation in the region (they will refrain from using nukes...for now). Both Iran and Israel are trying to be successful in their ventures. What are they trying to achieve? Unilateral destruction.

The Third World War (Future History)There will be war but I'm skeptical about this baby going nuclear. The nucliest nations of the world won't have it. If anyone is gonna drop the bomb, its gonna be the top dogs. But what do I know? I was never a dictator of an island nation like Cuba.

06 August 2010

65 Years Ago Today...

The Enola Gay dropped the bomb (Little Boy) on Hiroshima. We haven't used it against an enemy ever since...oh wait, actually we did. Three days after dropping "Little Boy" on Hiroshima, "Fat Man" was dropped on Nagasaki. Now that I think of it, nuclear weapons have also been used but in a passive way against rival nations. "We will nuke you if you nuke us" kind of deterrence has been going on since the first two nations (U.S. and Russia) had the bomb.
Fat Man and Little Boy
Despite it's horrific nature (as seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki) proliferation was the name of the game. There has been efforts to reduce the number of nukes since we humans first began producing them but there are still many out there. And not only are there many, but they are of greater power. We have yet to see the destructive force of millions of tons (Megatons) of TNT on a densely populated city. Little Boy and Fat Man were only around 18 kilotons.

So many nukes, so little time.

04 August 2010

Why So Serious?

Visions of Apocalypse
The end of the world as we know it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Our lives leading up to the apocalypse, don't have to be serious. This game may come to an end but in the mean time, let us enjoy it. What I mean is, instead of practicing duck and cover (for when the bomb falls) you could take some time to play some Modern Warfare 2. Perhaps a little WoW won't's not like the end of the world is going to happen tomorrow...or will it? Video games aren't the only play one can partake in but you get the idea. Fun.

Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical SurvivalIf a solar flare wipes out all of our electronics tomorrow, then playing games won't be waste at all. It's like spending your last days on earth doing the things you like. And that sometimes means doing shit that is impractical and often a waist of your time. I cherish the moments when I lay on the couch in my underwear, netflix playing, a microwavable meal delight on the table in front of me and no care at all. One could say to me "I'll be ready when the time comes and you won't because your a lazy dumbass." I would respond by saying that "I am free to pursue happiness and life however I wish so long as it is not in conflict with others freedom to do so as well." I must clarify that couch loafing isn't the only thing I do. But I do contend that it is time well spent. I may be grossly unprepared but that doesn't necessarily mean that one who has prepared, has a greater survivability rate. In the end, each persons survival rate reaches zero.

The Dark Knight (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]Waist time doing things that do not make sense to others. Prepare all you can until the doomsday comes. Just remember that we don't have to "get serious" and abandon fun. When you hear the phrase "this is serious" or your environment gets "serious" remind yourself of these immortal words spoken by the Joker "Why so serious?"

03 August 2010

A Brief History of Humanity

Our future is good, because our past is so bad.
How you might ask? First, lets take a minute to examine what history is, and why we record it.
Webster's defines history as " a chronological record of significant events (as affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes."
In other words, the important stuff that happened. Humanity has a habit of categorizing and classifying. It's what we do. We keep records of shit.
Now, take a minute to think about what OUR history, that is MANKIND'S, is comprised it yet? If you need some help, the simple answer is... WAR. Period.
The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare (Cambridge Illustrated Histories)Oh, sure, there are some things that happened in between, but the major significant events in the history of the world, from our perspective, all have one thing in common. WARS.
A quick glimpse through any general history book and you'll find that all eras are defined by WAR. We learn about all these WARS, and skim through the boring crap in between. Good reason too, not much happens outside of periods of WARS. Almost all technological and social progress humanity makes is because we don't want some other guy doing it first. We're pretty lazy otherwise. Peace didn't give us squat.
Now, for the kicker. Why is that necessarily a bad thing?
It's a given that a race will record that which it values and cherishes. We record our battles with a misty eyed reticence like a father watching his son hit a home run. We live for it.
So, yeah, humans, we got WARS. Big deal. Everyone knows that humans are idiots and we kill each other, and someday we'll destroy ourselves.
War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to TodayI don't think so, though.
Because, you see... the one thing that movies never really hit upon is that oh, sure, we are good at WAR...but we've been good at it for thousands of years. The thing we are REALLY good at is SURVIVING WAR.
Anyone can fight a WAR, but we've perfected the art of fighting WARS for a reason. The pride that humans feel about their WARS is no mistake. We fight for a cause, and we win. We won't kill ourselves, because what's the point? We fight WARS to stop those kind of maniacs. Everyone wants us to believe that humanity is doomed because of our violent nature, but I think we are blessed by our will to survive. We will kill, in order to not only live, but to thrive. THAT IS WHAT MAKES US HUMAN.
Let the pansies badmouth WAR, and our history as a "violent, self destructive race." I say, bring on the WARS. We can take it. It's how we grow. Evolve. Become better.
And if we ever do make contact with some alien race that deems us unfit to exist in the universe, we'll be ready to kick their slimy asses back to the stone age. I say it's time to have pride as Humans because we are so violent and destructive to ourselves. We are a self-regulating ecosystem unto ourselves. That's what life is all about.

02 August 2010

It Will Happen on a Monday?

There is no scientific research behind the assertion that the end of the world as we know it will take place on a Monday. But I will tell you why I think it will.

The ProphecyMonday: the second day of the week; first day of the working week (the dictionary). Ok the definition has nothing to do with this but I think Monday feels more like the first day of the week. Also, which day of the week Monday falls has nothing to do with anything as well. Monday is like all the rest of the days. If you awoke from a coma and someone told you it was Monday, you may think to yourself "What difference does it make? I was in a coma. It feels more like a Tuesday anyway." On to the point. I chose Monday arbitrarily. There is no method. Monday just seems to be the most dreaded day of the week. Then again, I don't think anyone will be thinking "Damn, it had to happen on a Monday, why couldn't it have happened on a Wednesday?"
Ok let me offer one reason other than a stab in the dark as to why Monday is my choice... Bad stock market news comes out on Fridays after the markets are closed. When Monday comes, people will panic causing chaos in the market and on the streets (namely at the banks).

Monday is just as good as any other day for an apocalypse commencement. This prophecy thing is easy.

30 July 2010

Shakey's Zombie Chum

When you need to get away, put your trust in us. Here at Shakey's, we put people in our product. Shakey's Zombie chum, all natural. Will attract zombies. So when you need to get away, use Shakey's Zombie Chum, you'll die if you don't.

*Shakey's Zombie chum only available after the apocalypse. May not attract all zombies. Product contains people. Now with babies.

Shakey's first introduced the product Zombie Chum in 2011 after reports of a possible zombie outbreak along the Mexico/U.S. border. Whether or not those reports were accurate are a matter of debate. (ApocEpoch can neither confirm nor deny those reports).

Shakey's began producing Zombie Chum with all natural animal ingredients (pig, deer, raccoon, Caucasians and squirrel). But just weeks before releasing the product, the research and development department at Shakey's decided to change the formula. There was uncertainty about the attractiveness of the product to zombies. Would be zombies were brought in to test the attractiveness of the chum. The human test subjects were actually repulsed by the product. More tests were done and came to the same conclusion, people were just not attracted to Zombie Chum. Researchers needed an actual zombie to test their product. Since the likelihood of capturing a live zombie was remote, scientists looked to Dawn of the Dead for answers. After many hours of research and beer, a break through was made. It was found that zombies were attracted to humans and not animals. So the formula for Zombie Chum needed more people. Shakey's released the Zombie Chum in the summer of 2011 with people in their product. Not long after its release, a new formula was introduced. Shakey's spiced up Zombie Chum with babies. This is the present formula on the market. Shakey's will not comment on how well sales are doing but one executive stated that "...more people are being brought in everyday."

And with that news, ApocEpoch recommends Zombie Chum as a zombie fighting tool.

26 July 2010

Solar Flare, Then The Silence

 Solar Flare (Thorndike Large Print Christian Mystery)
NOVA: The Deadliest Plane Crash
I'm sure most of you are aware of the silence that accompanies a power outage. The house no longer hums and there is an absence of high frequency noise. The noises you do hear, are your neighbors talking about the power going out and the cars passing by. Planes flying overhead still rumble, along with your vibrating cell. Things may get quieter but there are still noises from electronically controlled machines.

After a catastrophic solar flare event, we will initially hear noises much louder than we would normally hear on any given day. These loud noises will most likely come from crashing planes and the screams of neighbors. Several hours or so into the doomsday, things will get eerily quiet. The silence won't last long however. Before long you will start to hear gunfire and explosions. If you are still around, these noises will be coming from looters, bandits and roving gangs battling in the streets. It will be weeks, maybe even months before the noise finally settles.

Model 1911 Automatic PistolOnce the noise settles there will still be regular gunfire and general destruction but much less than the initial chaos. In the cities much of the noise will come from fighting, which may be attributed to military elements remaining. You won't want to make much noise so as to avoid the fighting. But if you must; make some noise  with your 1911 .45 ACP. In the country, the noise will be similar to what we experience now but will have greater frequency in gunfire. Those who made the exodus from the cities into the country will be hunting and killing at will. There may be less fighting than in the cities but by no means will the country be a safe place to take the kids for a hike.
In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise
Things will get loud, then silent, then loud and then settle to "normal" post-apocalyptic level...

...Maybe. No one really knows.

24 July 2010

The Job Solution

 Jobs People Do: Combined Volume

iJobless: 50 ways to Survive UnemploymentThere is an easy solution to the whole lack of jobs issue that we are facing. The official unemployment rate was 9.5 percent in June 2010 ( This figure isn't telling the whole story. We can reasonably assume that the real number is much higher. We can assume this because the government will skew the numbers to benefit itself. For instance, before the crash, everything was fine according to the government when it really wasn't. No warnings came from them. Now, there are signs of recovery according to the government and unemployment is holding. Can we really believe that? You can if you like.

Child Slavery in Modern Times (Watts Library: History of Slavery)Now for the solution to the job problem. We all would immediately have jobs if the economy and governement came crumbling down. An out of work citizen would now be self employed in the survival business. The job description is quite extensive. A job one may encounter in their new field could be transportation. Hauling your family away from riots is a job that will be in high demand early on. The most important job all new workers will encounter in the field of survival is water and food finder. This job has many subsets (i.e. water purification, butchering, ect). There is no job to small in the survival biz. Even the kids who had not even thought about work can now participate. Get those kids to work as look outs while you rummage through your neighbors pantry. Or better yet, get into the lucrative child slave industry. A child will never go without work as a slave.
Yes there will be jobs for everyone once society collapses. No one will be left out and you can count on that.