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02 September 2010

The Fourth Turning?

The Fourth Turning
This is the first I've heard of this book written by William Strauss and Neil Howe. I've yet to read it but here is an interesting quote from the book that was recently featured in an article by Jim Quinn at

"What will America be like as it exits the Fourth Turning?
History offers no guarantees. Obviously, things could go horribly wrong – the possibilities ranging from a nuclear exchange to uncurable plagues, from terrorist anarchy to high tech dictatorship. We should not assume that Providence will always exempt our nation from the irreversible tragedies that have overtaken so many others: not just temporary hardship, but debasement and total ruin. Since Vietnam, many Americans suppose they know what it means to lose a war. Losing in the next Fourth Turning, however, could mean something incomparably worse. It could mean a lasting defeat from which our national innocence – and perhaps even our nation – might never recover.

The article by Jim Quinn has intrigued me. This book looks like something that can be scheduled into my busy agenda of doing nothing

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