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24 August 2010

Unusually Uncertain

Essays on the Great Depression
Yes, Ben Bernanke is an "expert" on the great depression.

Fed chairman Bernanke said the words "unusually uncertain" when talking about the state of the economy. He said this about a month ago today. Today a slue of headlines and bad economic news hit the fan (see: Again, this is nothing new these days. Things are just unusually uncertain as Mr. Bernanke put it. There is a difference however, in the meaning of those words. When we the people say it, the meaning is this: things could go either way, it's just uncertain. But when Mr. Bernanke says those words, the meaning is this: We're totally screwed. We have no idea what is going on and can do nothing to stop it. That's what Mr. Bernanke really means.

The Sky Is Falling: Leaders Lost in TransitionNow what does that mean for us? This train is the closest its been to derailing since we got on board (meaning of this metaphor is to be interpreted). The sky isn't falling but the bad news sure keeps coming. What I am saying is obvious. Most of you already know this. I'm just letting you know that I know we're screwed.

We have got to keep on top of this or a horde of zombies will overtake us and we will have missed the chance to put up a fight. Now, when you are out of bullets and that horde is coming down on you with no where to go, there's really no use in putting up a fight. So while you have the time, take advantage of it and do something. Even if that is nothing like I'm going to do. Stock up on some guns and ammo, find a nice remote location, settle in and hope for the best (not guaranteed to increase your chances of survival...might actually have the opposite effect in some cases).

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