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11 August 2010

This is Becoming Normal

I.O.U.S.A.: One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt.

There are incidents and reports that would, not long ago, be regarded as isolated or unheard of. In Atlanta, tens of thousands of people lined up (or gathered) to receive government housing vouchers (story). The feds decided to cut food stamps in exchange for teacher jobs (story). The U.S. is either being deemed bankrupt or the question is being asked by economists and business people (Story and another and another). Stories like these are coming out daily and we hardly flinch. They are becoming normal occurrences in our daily lives. Before the crash in '08-'09, there appeared to be growing tension. This looks awfully familiar. It's not time to raid your neighbors pantry yet but you might want to think twice before inviting over any prospective cannibals. Get your guns and ammunition now and be sure your gun is bigger than all of your neighbors.
Self Reliance During Natural Disasters And Civil Unrest: How to Handle Fires, Search and Rescue, and Other Emergency-Response Situations on Your Own (Photos, Illust.)

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