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08 August 2010

Castro Prophecy: Nukes

Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Special Edition) 
The following paragraph is a simple historical lesson of "the bomb."
In the beginning there was a nuke. The United States of America marveled at the achievement. The government was so proud they immediately put it to use. Once America used the nuke, they decided to go all the way. Producing all the nukes they could and as fast as they could, the U.S.A became a ginormous nuclear power.  Nuclear proliferation commenced world wide amongst all nations with nuke tech. Before you knew it, the U.S. was the nucliest (pronounced: nook-lee-est) country in the world. Russia was in a fierce competition with 'merica to become the nucliest  nation in the world. The Russians worked hard and they were "successful." As of 2010, the estimated Russian nuke arsenal is around 12,000 warheads compared to 'merica's 9,400 (

Fidel Castro: My Life: A Spoken AutobiographyNow, Castro thinks the nuclear candle is going to be lit soon. A war triggered by Iranians, in response to renewed sanctions, seems quite plausible. But I don't see that war going nuclear though but Castro thinks otherwise (read: FT article). However, if the Israelis get involved then we may have a different story. A nuclear attack against Iran may set this doomsday in motion. Or would the Iranians attack with a nuke? Do they even have one? What of the Russians in all of this? The variables seem endless.

If Iran has a completed nuke then they may attack (probably Israel, maybe the U.S. fleet). I mean really, why run when you have nuclear arms? If they do not have a nuke, there may be a preemptive strike by Israel. I do not think anyone would set themselves up for failure. So, Iran will not attack anyone in response to the sanctions. They will wait to complete what they set out to do. Israel will attack to keep Iran from going nuclear and remain the nucliest nation in the region (they will refrain from using nukes...for now). Both Iran and Israel are trying to be successful in their ventures. What are they trying to achieve? Unilateral destruction.

The Third World War (Future History)There will be war but I'm skeptical about this baby going nuclear. The nucliest nations of the world won't have it. If anyone is gonna drop the bomb, its gonna be the top dogs. But what do I know? I was never a dictator of an island nation like Cuba.

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