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09 July 2010

Will You Be a Bandit?

If there was a short answer to this question I believe it would be a yes. Let me try to explain why I think most of us will become bandits in the post-apocalyptic world. According to the CIA world factbook 82% of the population lives in cities (2008). Apparently we like to huddle together or rather it is in our nature to herd together. In this article the vast majority of the herd follows along with the minority. "The findings show that in all cases, the ‘informed individuals’ were followed by others in the crowd" (Nauert). After a major doomsday scenario, these "informed" few are going to head for the hills. The rest will follow. All that leave the cities become instant refugees. Many will band together as we naturally do. The herd will push further into rural areas. The idea most will probably have is to hunt and fish just like how they used to do every summer while on vacation. The deer, small game and fish will be annihilated. Now the herd will set its sights on those who still have food. The rural populations that are still in there own homes and have a pantry full of food will be the target of desperate refugees. The refugees then turn into bandits the moment they try to take what is not their own. Even worse, these refugees may take the turn for the worse and try to eat one another. That is a topic for another time. How well organized these refugee/bandit herds may become is uncertain. I think one thing is for certain though, most of us will become bandits. Just try not to become one of the cannibals. 
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