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22 July 2010

Squats with Squirrels

 Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide
The elders always mocked me before I went on the hunt. And when I was on the hunt, the other hunters made fun of me as well. I was a good hunter but that made no difference to them. It made a difference for the tribe that I was a good hunter and everyone was fed but they still would give me a hard time. I do not usually talk about the past but this is really pissing me off.

It all started when I was becoming a man. It was my first hunt with the hunters. Some of them are now elders and no longer hunt. We had been tracking a large puh-hubich (bear) through the mountains for many moons. Along the track, we hunted small animals and gathered other food. One morning I woke early with a full bladder (old indian trick). I also had a full belly. Next to a tree, I squatted, the sun just beginning to rise. I thought about the hunt and how I was going to prove myself to the others. From above in the tree, three gray squirrels climbed to the ground next to me. I was still so they did not see me. They began to search for acorn. I watched them as they squatted next to me eating the acorn. Just when I felt as one with them, the other hunters appeared from behind a willow bush. They were laughing and rolling around on the ground as I squatted with the squirrels. And not a sun or moon goes by that they let me forget my name.

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