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26 July 2010

Solar Flare, Then The Silence

 Solar Flare (Thorndike Large Print Christian Mystery)
NOVA: The Deadliest Plane Crash
I'm sure most of you are aware of the silence that accompanies a power outage. The house no longer hums and there is an absence of high frequency noise. The noises you do hear, are your neighbors talking about the power going out and the cars passing by. Planes flying overhead still rumble, along with your vibrating cell. Things may get quieter but there are still noises from electronically controlled machines.

After a catastrophic solar flare event, we will initially hear noises much louder than we would normally hear on any given day. These loud noises will most likely come from crashing planes and the screams of neighbors. Several hours or so into the doomsday, things will get eerily quiet. The silence won't last long however. Before long you will start to hear gunfire and explosions. If you are still around, these noises will be coming from looters, bandits and roving gangs battling in the streets. It will be weeks, maybe even months before the noise finally settles.

Model 1911 Automatic PistolOnce the noise settles there will still be regular gunfire and general destruction but much less than the initial chaos. In the cities much of the noise will come from fighting, which may be attributed to military elements remaining. You won't want to make much noise so as to avoid the fighting. But if you must; make some noise  with your 1911 .45 ACP. In the country, the noise will be similar to what we experience now but will have greater frequency in gunfire. Those who made the exodus from the cities into the country will be hunting and killing at will. There may be less fighting than in the cities but by no means will the country be a safe place to take the kids for a hike.
In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise
Things will get loud, then silent, then loud and then settle to "normal" post-apocalyptic level...

...Maybe. No one really knows.

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