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05 July 2010

Prognosticators (of the economic kind)

Soothsayer (The Oracle Trilogy #1) 
Beware of the soothsayers in our midst. They all seem very convincing. Some are right, most are probably wrong. If you watch or follow news, try not to get caught up in the whole forecasting business. Here is what I mean by that. Back in early 2007, everything was great and the wealth of America was untouchable. You wouldn't know it, by how these forecasters talked, that there was doom not far down the road. Now these very same prognosticators are telling us how well the economy is looking or how bad its going to get. It appears for the most part, that they are split. On one side we are recovering from the crises and on the other we are about to encounter something even worse than the market fallout of March 2008. I don't believe most of them. Most of the "experts" either betrayed us or were to preoccupied with profits to warn us properly. It's hard to decipher any good information through all the nonsense. I was lucky enough to be forewarned via the survival community, namely I'm going to assume that there won't be much of a recovery or a catastrophic collapse. But either way, I'm going stock up on guns and ammo, find a remote location with few people and hope for the best. I will however offer a prediction of my own. I predict that we're in for another 1930's style depression as one, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, lays out in this article.  But here is an article that I just found, coincidentally, that previews various economic doomsday predictions that are more dire. Keep your chin up and above the b.s.
To Be A Real Terrorist

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