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24 July 2010

The Job Solution

 Jobs People Do: Combined Volume

iJobless: 50 ways to Survive UnemploymentThere is an easy solution to the whole lack of jobs issue that we are facing. The official unemployment rate was 9.5 percent in June 2010 ( This figure isn't telling the whole story. We can reasonably assume that the real number is much higher. We can assume this because the government will skew the numbers to benefit itself. For instance, before the crash, everything was fine according to the government when it really wasn't. No warnings came from them. Now, there are signs of recovery according to the government and unemployment is holding. Can we really believe that? You can if you like.

Child Slavery in Modern Times (Watts Library: History of Slavery)Now for the solution to the job problem. We all would immediately have jobs if the economy and governement came crumbling down. An out of work citizen would now be self employed in the survival business. The job description is quite extensive. A job one may encounter in their new field could be transportation. Hauling your family away from riots is a job that will be in high demand early on. The most important job all new workers will encounter in the field of survival is water and food finder. This job has many subsets (i.e. water purification, butchering, ect). There is no job to small in the survival biz. Even the kids who had not even thought about work can now participate. Get those kids to work as look outs while you rummage through your neighbors pantry. Or better yet, get into the lucrative child slave industry. A child will never go without work as a slave.
Yes there will be jobs for everyone once society collapses. No one will be left out and you can count on that.

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  1. Yeah, I could actually use a couple of child slaves... in case anyone has any they want to put to work now.