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06 July 2010

The G.A.M.E.

Virtual Visor 3D Video 800x600 Head Mounted DisplayGame over. The Russians finally beat the Americans in all out nuclear war. A surprise attack...sneaky Russians. The Americans were sore losers. "Hey! What the fuck was that? Try that shit in this reality and see what happens!" screamed an American gamer. The Global Apocalypse Mime Engine (G.A.M.E.) competition was a spectacular event that rivaled the Olympics and World Cup. Every two years, each U.N. recognized nation sends a team of gamers to compete against other teams from around the world. The competition is simple, be the last nation standing.

RiskThe sophisticated virtual reality simulation was built originally to mimic numerous apocalyptic scenarios. But the global popularity of G.A.M.E. was due to its all out war scenario. War is interesting to us because of the drama aspect. And it was this drama that fueled the fierce competition amongst the gamers. Not long after the simulator became popular globally, governments became interested in the G.A.M.E. phenomenon. Government sanctioned tournaments commenced almost immediately and thus the International G.A.M.E. competition was borne. Nations could now show off their might without actually destroying each other.

Amidst all the hoopla of achieving victory through global domination, the irony of that victory was lost on most nations. For the competition had only one true end, the complete destruction of the planet.

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