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15 July 2010


Dinner with a Cannibal: The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo 
When animals resort to cannibalism, we conclude that there must be a good reason why they do it. But when humans resort to cannibalism, the consensus is that it is taboo or wrong. Right away we can see that there is a problem with this. Why is it taboo for humans but acceptable for animals? The line is drawn by religion or simply morality. A christian would not be a cannibal because it is immoral and so goes the same for most religions. But in some areas today and through out history, cannibalism has been an acceptable practice (this article details such instances).

Cannibalism Secrets Revealed (History Channel)In society as we know it, cannibalism typically occurs during survival situations. And it is in this extreme situation of survival do we see that it is justifiable to eat our own -- so long as there was no other choice (read: Donner Party). So, despite its wide disapproval on moral grounds, many good and moral people will become cannibals under extreme circumstances. In a post apocalyptic world the practice of feeding on ones own kind will become popular because food will be scarce/gone.
There may be some adverse side effects to long term cannibalism that should be taken into account before you eat your neighbors, the neighbors on the other side, the neighbors down the street and all of their neighbors. Take a look at the following silent video. The disease is called Kuru and its effects resemble mad cow disease.

Cannibal! The Musical: 13th Anniversary EditionI think cannibalism may work just fine for some but as for me, I'd rather eat something else that doesn't walk upright and put up a good fight. Food should lack intelligence so it is easier for me to kill or collect. However, babies don't walk upright, put up a fight or have much intelligence. But that doesn't mean I'm going to make a BLT (babies, lettuce and tomato) out of one. No, I think eating people is wrong. I'm not sure why exactly but maybe its because no one ate me when I was a baby. Since I wasn't eaten, I was able to grow up and live a full life. A life where I can think about whether or not it is okay to eat people. So, no people for me thank you. Check back when the apocalypse happens to see if my mind has changed.

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