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18 June 2010

A Zombie Apocalypse

The term zombie has several meanings. But when talking about an outbreak of zombies, the meaning of the word is typically associated with reanimated corpses eating human flesh and rapidly multiplying in numbers. A classic zombie outbreak, typified in George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, seems highly unlikely. But I am no scientist and chances are, neither are you. What seems more likely is an outbreak of a highly communicable disease with a high mortality rate. The symptoms of this disease may "zombify" the infected. The zombies we are familiar with often look like this...

but what if they looked like this...
Is he sick? Has he just been working in the office or playing too much X-box? We wouldn't know until he coughs on us and we end up dead weeks later. Even further, what if he tries to eat our flesh and in the process we are bitten. Later turning into a zombie that doesn't look like a zombie like the person presented in the lower pic above. A zombie apocalypse may not be what we imagine or what is portrayed in the movies. But we can prepare for the worst case. I'd stock up on guns and ammo, find a remote location with few people (and zombies) and hope for the best. Oh and don't forget your end of the world kit.

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