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21 June 2010

Oh My God!

The internet broke! "How am I going to tweet this and let everyone know that the internet is broken." Chances are they already know and panic is taking hold of them as well. But wait, don't panic! " must act BEFORE the panic without first waiting for government instructions..." ( That advice is actually for in the event of a nuclear attack but is just as relevant for a broken internet. You should remain calm and begin to take actions even before you receive instructions from the government. Fill up your bathtub with water. It's a good idea during any disaster. You may want to arm yourself. But before you start blasting people who come on to your property or knock at your door, you may want to check your router first. Also, turn on the t.v. and check the news to see if everyone else's internet is broken. Maybe Obama didn't hit the kill switch after all. Maybe you don't have to defend yourself from a crazed mob stricken with internet withdrawals. So heed the advice above and don't panic.

How the Internet Works (8th Edition)Losing the internet isn't the end of the world...or could it? Far less has caused pandemonium in the past. Albeit the following examples were not on a national scale, they are a testament to what people do when bad/things happen.

Rodney King Riots: "Once the four officers accused in the beating were acquitted a year later by a predominantly white jury in the majority white suburb of Simi Valley, all that rage turned into the worst single episode of urban unrest in American history, which erupted on April 29, 1992, and before they were quelled a few days later, had left 53 people dead and $1 billion in damage." (Read more:

Lakers Riot(s) 2009 and 2010: In 2010 "...police had fired tear gas and stinging pellets to disperse a scrum of several hundred people who surrounded a city bus filled with passengers and attempted to yank the driver out through a window. A cabbie fled when his taxi was set upon by another mob that kicked in the windshield and set it ablaze"( In 2009 the scene wasn't as grand as in 2010 but "two cop cars were set ablaze and that 11 people had been arrested" (

Woodstock Riot 1999: "...about 200 to 300 people broke into the concert by tearing down a section of the wall. There were small bonfires around the premises, and these "unexpected visitors" took my tables and threw them in the bonfires, making big fires. They tore down our tents and used them as trampolines. They ransacked our 12 tractor-trailers that had food in them."( According to the article, the raid was orchestrated via the internet.

Now the examples above illustrate an important point. People do incredibly stupid things with little or no cause. It can be argued that there was more behind the Rodney King riots. But even in hindsight, if you were to ask someone, anyone, what the cause of the 1992 Rodney King riots were, they'd probably say something like "Rodney King was beaten by four white cops and those white cops got acquitted" or something to that effect. So the moral is, chaos will ensue if the internet gets shut off.

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