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30 June 2010

Mexican Zombie Heads for the Rockies

Well folks, it saddens me to have to bring you such terrible news, but there is mischief afoot in Oregon, and it isn't looking good for the rest of us. Please, be sure to sit as I gravely pass on this chilling bit of news. Last week a sick man infected an elderly couple coming out of the DMV office in Portland, Oregon. He was able to get away in a red Jeep Cherokee, unknown license plate number. It appears that he made it as far as Colorado before the police were able to catch him. He was stopped by a police road block where he was shot four times in the chest, which had no effect. It was a shot to the head that finally stopped him. He was able to bite two officers before being taken down. Meanwhile, the elderly couple, a June and Bob Ross have been showing signs of aggression and voracious cannibalistic appetites. They are under twenty four hour observation at the Portland hospital. All other patients have been moved to the ground floor until the couple can be transported by the CDC back to headquarters for futher investigation and vaccination testing. Our condolences to the Ross family. We will keep you posted on any new information as it comes in. Until then read up on survival blogs, and prepare to live life the hard way. This may get worse yet! Watch your guns, watch your backs, and good luck!
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