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26 June 2010

Kill Switch... Engage!

The U.S. Senate has made "progress" to implement the internet kill switch. There will be votes and more votes and when they have enough votes, the president will then sign the bill into law. Once that happens, then the president will have greater control over the internet according to this article. What this means for civilization is uncertain. One thing that is for certain, is our dependence on wonderful technology. Without it, I would not be able to reach across the world and communicate in near-real time. And as I said in another post, people will go nuts without the internet (not excluding myself). If the kill switch is engaged, society will probably already be in bad shape (war or some other national "crises"). But once the switch is flipped (by Mr. President) the mood, I predict, will be some sort of pissed off rage that might sound like this...

and total destruction will ensue.


  1. This is truly unacceptable. Imagine the near imaginable repercussions of such an act. The effect this would have on our economy of our country let alone the world's economy. What would Russia or Japan do if the USA didn't have access to their websites? I would imagine at least 40% decrease in traffic. The internet has become the inspiration for every aspect of our lives. It would be a shame to lose such a muse.

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  2. A shame indeed. But if they want to destroy this world, then they will flip that switch.