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20 June 2010

A Cybernetic Revolt

This just seems absurd. On the other hand, there are signs of letting machines do our dirty work. Here is an example of what the USAF is working on. The planes mentioned in the article are "...designed to be partially autonomous." So these planes will still be partially controlled by humans which is good thing --right? How much further do scientists/military need to go before partially becomes partially and is replaced with the word fully? I mean, it would probably only take one stupid autonomous plane loaded with nukes to get this doomsday party started. 

I really think a revolt by artificial intelligence is absurd. A chimpanzee has intelligence. Sometimes these chimpanzees do things that we don't want them to do like, for instance, rip off one of our friends faces. Just like how a computer freezes up when we don't want it to, an autonomous plane could possibly do something we don't want it to do. That doesn't mean that they become self aware and revolt against their oppressive masters. This scenario, as seen in the Terminator movies seems unlikely. But I am no scientist and chances are -- neither are you. A malfunctioning weapon system seems like the more likely event.